Optimal route planning for optical networks

Software for optimal planning of fiber optic infrastructure construction in accordance with the renewal and development of the distribution grid. The result in savings 4-11% compared to the manual plan creation using just GIS data.

DSO objectives

  • to connect selected substations with minimal costs
  • use connection redundancy to make communication network more robust
  • to choose routes which can „by the way“ connect bonus substations
  • to choose routes which have lower risks of delays due to obstructions of land owners
  • to choose routes which can have a potential to provide connectivity to customers

Deepgrid-Fibre functionalities

  • optimisation algorithm which counts with expected line reconstructions periods, different prices of cables/overhead lines and obstruction risk profiles
  • it processes data about grid topology and grid reconstruction plans
  • it computes optimal fibre grid infrastructure plan and export it as a GIS layer and reports

Length vs Price