Smart Grid modelling and simulations

E.ON Česká Republika, s.r.o


The E.ON is second largest distribution system operator in Czech Republic operating in South Bohemia and South Moravia. It operates 1.2M consumption points, has approx. 19.000 secondary substations and 40.000 km of low voltage networks.


Roll-out simulation of smart metering installation project with detailed communication model for 17.000 secondary E.ON substations.



GridMind software was used to simulate the creation of complex models and simulations of smart grid infrastructures. With the following steps:

  • Import and generate LN topology
  • Select communication technology (prime, G3, BPL, S-FSK)
  • Configuring the behaviour of the modulated devices
  • Definitions of the deviation and command scenarios
  • Evaluating the objectivity, reliability, and problematic places


DeepGrid software identified problematic consumption points to find the optimal configuration of readings and commands. Analysed detailed behaviour of regular data reading and estimated of data completeness from SLA reliability and latency point of view.

  • Identification of consumption points that are hard to access by PLC communication
  • Identification of problematic field results significantly different to the compared model – detecting sources of noise, cable breaks.
  • Estimation of real communication capacities under each substation
  • Suggestion of data collection profiles for individual consumption points according to their low voltage topology position
  • Suggestion of different communication technologies applicable in a particular grid
  • Recommendation of optimal configuration for readings and command