Local load control (LODIS)

ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.


ČEZ Distribuce a.s., is the biggest distribution system operator in Czech Republic. It operates 3.5 millions of consumption points, has 46.000 secondary substations and more than 100.000km of low voltage networks.



Verify whether it is possible using standard AMM infrastructure (smart meters, data concentrators and MDM system) to control the load locally so energy flows is optimised under each secondary substation.



  • Optimize balance under each secondary substation. Take into account local PV sources and possibility to block/unblock hot water boilers.
  • Compute day ahead optimized tariff switching plan in a form of TOU tables for individual smart meters.
  • Analyse effects of local load control and compare results with actually used ripple control system (HDO)


DeepGrid - MDM with integrated local load control based on consumption predictors, production predictors, predictors of consumer behaviour on tariff switching in various situations.

DeepGrid-MDM is computing each day for each substation optimal tariff switching plans for tomorrow for each consumption point according to expected production and consumption.

Optimal switching plan have to consume production from renewables as close to production points as possible.

Main algoritm is consisting from following steps:

  • Next day weather prediction download (solar radiation, temperature). We are using specialised prediction models like Alladin or GFS
  • Renewables production prediction for each substation
  • Uncontrollable consumption prediction for each substation
  • Prediction of customer reaction to next day tariff switching
  • Computation of optimal tariff switching plans for each consumption point. Switching plan is in form of TOU table
  • Distribution of TOU tables to consumption points


Local load control using smart metering infrastructure was proved in field on real customers! It is safe and is able to make substation bilances more flat.