Field Installation Management

ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.


ČEZ Distribuce a.s., is the biggest distribution system operator in Czech Republic. It operates 3.5 millions of consumption points, has 46.000 secondary substations and more than 100.000km of low voltage networks.


Implementation of a Field Installation Management system (FIM) to automate the process of testing and installing components capable of remote communication.

  • Minimize failed installation of components and repeated trips of assembly workers to fix it.
  • Minimize assembly time spent waiting for field test results.
  • Automate the process of testing and installing components capable of remote communication.
  • Reduce the administrative work associated with test and acceptance protocols.
  • Reduce the operating load associated with transfer of installed components into production.
  • Proactive detection of problems associated with failure to comply with plans for production, supply, distribution, installation, testing, and launch to production.


Mycroft Mind supplied the FIM core system that was implemented on the DeepGrid platform. The system records, triggers and evaluates the test scenarios of relevant devices and the distribution system, including integration solutions to surrounding systems.

FIM core system includes following relevant functionalities:

  • Management of communication tasks for communication with devices in field
  • Management of data tasks for data processing
  • Management of integration tasks
  • Configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Management of complex processes such as the sequence of communication, data and integration tasks
  • User interface web GUI for system control and access to data




In terms of DeepGrid deployment, the test scenario was defined as a key element. It is represented in the DeepGrid system as a complex process, i.e. the sequence of individual sub-tasks (communication, data and integration). All information about the process is detailed as events and is accessible through the web user interface.