Substation data collection and analysis

ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.


ČEZ Distribuce a.s., is the biggest distribution system operator in Czech Republic. It operates 3.5 millions of consumption points, has 46.000 secondary substations and more than 100.000km of low voltage networks.


ČEZ Distribuce a.s., has 8.000 secondary substations with measuring devices MEg40 and communication unit MEg202.5. There was a need to automatically collect and validate measured data using protocol IEC 60870-5-104 and DLMS. Solution for monitoring of communication availability and correct functioning was also needed.


DeepGrid-MDC with IEC 60870-5-104 and DLMS allowing to monitor and collect data from 8000 substations. DeepGrid-MDC is composed from following modules:

  • device registry
    • measurement devices
    • communication devices
  • substation registry
    • technical parameters
    • identification and position
  • measurement collection
  • device passport identification
  • communication network parameters collection
  • communication classifier
  • device firmware distribution
  • remote device parametrization
  • substation measurements validator



Increasing visibility of secondary substations behaviour and potential to collect and process measured data from following perspectives:

  • validity of measured data
  • device communication accessibility monitoring
  • detection of misfunctioning devices