DataGenie AIoT

Are you considering start with IoT project or Smart city? Smart city can use the intelligence of our platform DataGenie - AIoT. Analytical services for inhabitants, transport and utilities, communication, water and energy. Easy access to valuable information to prevent customer dissatisfaction by early detection of problems.


  • Electricity consumption flexibility (use demand side response load control for home automation to be able to shift power consumption to decrease costs)
  • Advanced services for inhabitants (remote control of devices, alerting about events inhabitants are interested in)
  • Analyse consumption behaviour of inhabitants
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities with Data Analytics

Key functionalities:

  • Connect to any existing smart devices and sensors
  • Integrate with other data sources and systems
  • Effectively process big data volumes nearly real-time
  • Analyse use cases based on smart metering and collected sensor data




Key functions

  • Scalable distributed high performance database
  • Realtime data processing
  • Advanced analytical algorithms
  • Advanced communication control of jobs in parallel
  • Advanced task definition and control
  • Flexibility in adaptation to new device types, information objects

Machine Learning

  • Unique prediction algorithm BORT
  • Able to predict 150.000 measuremets per second
  • Compute prediction model from 1.000.000 measurement dataset takes 12s
  • Better results compared to neural networks


Communication Infrastructure
Communication Network
Data collection
Data analytics
Smart City Services
Installation of new IoT devices, web cameras and sensors require re-construction of communication infrastructure.
Development of optical backbone sensor network, integration of wireless sensors and solving issues with protocols enabling technologies of IoT.
Collected data from large sensor network allows us to measure similarities in behaviour.
We apply relevant time-series advanced algorithms using statistical analysis, machine learning for sensor data analytics.
We provide prediction analysis to model traffic situation, lower levels of pollution, increase efficiency of energy usage.